Meet Our Pastors

Mike & Heather with children Chris (right) Brayden (left) & Daughter Madison


The Pilcher Family became the senior pastor's of our church in April of 2008. And in 2011 Redemption Road Ministries was birthed. Pastor's Mike & Heather have a heart for people. Age, race, background it makes no difference to them, they just desire to help people find a better life in Jesus.

Pastor Mike is a 3rd generation Pastor and started ministering in music and in word at an early age. Over the years pastor Mike has worked in ministry from children's pastor, to youth pastor, until finally becoming our senior pastor here at Redemption Road. Pastor Mike married Heather January 11th, 1997. Together they have a vision the help people.

The question is often asked about what type of minister Pastor Mike is? To answer that, We will use what his sons tell their friends at school. "You know how my dad coached football? He preaches and leads worship the same way. He is very passionate, very excited, and full of emotion". The truth is, that our pastor puts his whole heart into everything he does. From leading worship, preaching, teaching, working in the alters, and helping people. Whatever it is he is all in. He is passionate about God's word and he is passionate about worship.

Now Pastor Heather is a little quieter than Pastor Mike but she is just as passionate about God as he is. A great singer, piano player and a dynamic teacher.

Together with their 3 children, Chris, Brayden, & Madison they pour themselves out in ministry. As pastor says, "This is a family affair. We do this together.".