We are a multi-generational, multi-cultural, Christ centered church. We are Spirit Lead, Love driven, & Bible believing. We are rooted in rich spiritual history & live by faith in God’s Holy Word, while daring to dream that our best days are still ahead of us. Redemption Road is built solely on the foundational principles of God's Holy Word.

We are driven by the Great Commission, to win people to Jesus. Our church Marching Orders are “Redeem The Lost, Equip The Redeemed, & Send The Equipped.” Reaching, Restoring, & Equipping. We are dedicated to the Great Commission, thus we are striving to continuously Develop a Church that truly reflects Christ. Here all we do is to point people to Christ.

Our Mission

Redemption Road Ministries is a church whose heart and arms are opened to the lost and dying people of the world. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we are calling the sinners, the broken-hearted, the sick, and the bound to freedom and new life by the Gospel of Jesus Christ - Luke 4: 18. We endeavor to see RRM as a perfect blending of races and cultures worshipping and serving our Lord in Pentecostal Power and Life.
OUR MISSION IS to honor and glorify God by the growth of our members through fellowship, discipleship, worship, ministry, and evangelism - Acts 2:42-47.
THE WORK "IN" THE CHURCH is to equip the members of RRM for the work of the ministry (Ephesians 3:9; 4:10-13) through worship, the preaching and teaching of God's Word, missions, and fellowship among believers.
THE WORK "OF" THE CHURCH is to go into all the world, fulfilling the Great Commission - Matt. 28:19-20. Our passion reflects God's heart to see sinners come to the joy of knowing Jesus Christ. By the anointing of the Holy Spirit to live and proclaim this Gospel, we serve to see Jesus delighted and rewarded by the worship of those who were once lost. Your prayers, attendance, financial giving, and willingness to go into the world will serve to fulfill this God-ordained mission of Redemption Road Ministries.